Life meaning of school. Naturally there is an

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Life in a big city is madly busy. Sometimes we don’t find time even for our family. Long working hours and commuting long distances leave little to enjoy with the family. The home is mere a resting place. From morning to evening people have to live under constant pressure.

They have to leave their home early morning, travel long distances and return tired and exhausted in the late evening. The strain has disastrous effect on their life. Social life is completely missing in city. People do not know their neighbors living in the same building. During distress there are none to help and cooperate. Fellow-feeling and companionship are completely lacking. The worst sufferer is the toddlers.

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They are forced to live in overcrowded creches. They have to go to pre-primary school at a very early age when they do not understand the meaning of school. Naturally there is an emotional void in their life. This void sometimes leads them to join a bad company. Overcrowding is a big problem in a city. During peak hour’s roads, pavements, buses, local trains are packed to their capacity. Traffic jam is a routine of life. Road accidents are common.

Incidents of road rage and violence are normal. Stabbing and murder for trivial reason have become the order of the day. People run after the material pleasure. Life in city is very difficult. It is artificial. At every level there are challenges and problems.

Strain and stress are an integral part of city life.


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