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The humor of Dickens is very captivating. He possesses a loving, sensitive and indulgent heart. Various aspects of life and its ups and downs are the most fascinating for him. He would watch, poke fun at, but would remain detached from it. He enjoys the odd, and adverse scenes of life. His works are replete with eccentric, queer personages, who enjoy and entertain the readers. Besides pleasures, his works are instructional also.

Through his writings he exposes the prevalent evils of society and have some morals. Unsatisfactory education, ill-treatment with children, system of public execution, severity of law and many other evils of Victorian society find space in his writings and they are held up to ridicule. It is widely admitted that his writings created awareness in contemporary society.

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However, his writings are often criticized for lacking proper structure and plot. In fact, his stories are rambling narrations, full of colour and sharpness. For he wants to present life in its fullness. They are full of digression. Sometimes the stories appear loose, and scattered, but, Dickens is successful in putting the message across the readers. His style is simple and narrative very catchy. It holds on the interests of the readers from the beginning to the end. His characterization is subtle and penetrating, but it possesses variety and vitality.


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