In the graphics, paintings, stationery, and books

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In the states’ pavilions the traders were doing great business. They were busy in finalising deals with big parties. Besides, visitors were also present in large number.

They were enjoying the handicrafts items. The skills of handicraftsmen were surprising. Different items made of bamboo were seeing great sale.

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They were highly attractive. We then went to the stationery shop. We saw the graphics, paintings, stationery, and books on various subjects. The stalls displaying these items were concentrated in a big hall. Religious and mythological books were concentrated in a big corner. There were huge volumes on almost all the branches of sciences and humanities. The stall which displayed Shakespeare’s classics was hugely crowded.

His tragedies like Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, etc. were selling like hot cakes. In the exhibition we saw various stationery items like pen, globe, chart, etc. I bought a German pen and a globe made in America. At 4 o’clock we returned to our home. We enjoyed the visit very much.

It was an enriching experience. We learnt about the art, culture, traditions and technologies of different parts of the country. We learnt many things in the exhibition and enjoyed them as well.


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