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His sotto voce columns in the ‘Swarajya’, a former English weekly, edited by another great writer, K.Subba Rao, were admired for his brilliant wit and narrative skill. Releasing a collection of Raghunatha Ayer’s essays some years ago the U.

S. Consul-General in Madras praised Mr. Iyer for his excellent writing. Gandhiji himself fascinated by Mr. Ayer’s writing had the pleasure of meeting him and talking to him.

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This only shows the great tradition of ‘The Hindu’. Mr. Kasseri Srinivasa was the backbone of ‘The Hindu’.

‘The Times of India’, ‘The Indian Express’, ‘The Hindustan Times’, ‘The Statesman’, ‘The Patriot’ and other great newspapers have a leading role in the newspaper industry. ‘The Times of India’ is one of the oldest and the most popular newspapers in the country. ‘The New York Times’ of the USA, ‘The Guardian’ of the U.K.

and other newspapers have a great tradition. The Times Literary supplement of the U.K.

is uniquely respected for its opinions and literary articles. ‘The New York Times’ book reviews supplement is indeed voluminous having reviews of the books rated high. Some newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ give a supplement each day covering an aspect of social, political or educational field. Students should cultivate the habit of reading the newspapers and they should know the latest developments in the social and political fields.


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