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On the Election Day there is extraordinary noise and hassle everywhere. People standing in group of three, four or five can be seen discussing the prospects of different parties and candidates. On this day, there is a national holiday.

Generally, People stay at their home. Schools are made election booth. Security is tightened in anticipation of any untoward incident. There is a deployment of extra company of para-military forces at some sensitive booth. Election officials along with the police force reach the election constituency one day in advance to ensure free and fair poll. Polling starts from 7 o’clock in the morning.

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People make queue to cast their vote. Election agents of different parties are also present there to woo the voters. Sometimes the voters are intimidated to cast their votes to the candidate of a particular party. This leads to the disruption of election process often leading to violence. This further leads to cancellation of election. On the Election Day, shops, offices, factories and markets are closed.

They present a deserted look. There is no business activity. There is either election or election related activities all around.

Patrolling is intensified especially in sensitive constituencies. Party workers are active. They take help of their personal contacts to win the votes of the public. Ladies related to the candidate go door to door and request people to vote their candidates. They assure them of so many good things. At 5 o’clock the polling comes to an end. Then the ballot boxes are sealed and sent for counting.

Thus the fate of the candidate is locked in the ballot-boxes.


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