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Our physical training master encourages all students to play the games they are interested in. He teaches us the games with great interest. Being young he is able to play with us. He conducts classes on body-building in the playground itself. He gives us a list of the nutritional foodstuffs we have to eat.

His interest in the well-being of the students is so great that he advises the students, who look puny and weak to take food of nutritional value. We are lucky to have such a good, efficient physical training master. Our playground has an ideal location. It is nearly one square mile. It has a tennis-court. The students can play cricket in the space allotted for it.

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We do long jump and high jump and run till we get tired. We also play football. Our physical training teacher sees to it that we play all games. He teaches both boys and girls all kinds of games.

There is an indoor stadium in which some of the students play chess and carom. Our school is particular in taking part in the interschool competitions. Some of the students have won acclaim as good sportsmen. The student cricketers are well up in the game and they often play matches with other schools and colleges.

One Rave of the ninth standard has chances of being included in the test matches. Our playground has a number of big trees under which we sit and talk on matters of interest to us. There is a small river by the side of the playground.

But the students are warned not to swim in the river. The students who want to become swimmers are given training by some expert swimmers among the students. In the evening there is a pleasant breeze in the playground.

The students enjoy playing different games till sunset. Our school gives special importance to games and so it insists that all students should take part in all games. During the time when our school students do not use the playground one or two other schools are allowed to use the playground. Sometimes the inter-school and the intercollegiate games are played in our playground.


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