Sushil nurses the sick. He has a

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Sushil is a bundle of good qualities. He has respect for his elders. He is very friendly to his juniors. He is very helpful to the needy and the poor. He feeds the hungry and nurses the sick.

He has a religious bent of mind. He is very studious and knowledgeable. He has great urge for knowledge. He has vast knowledge of many things. He is very dutiful. Service to humanity is his ideal. Sushil is very soft-spoken.

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He never loses his temper. Even if in most difficult situation he is cool and calm. He is very practical. His advice is very helping. He is always ready to help those who approach him. He respects and loves all.

Sushil is regular in his studies. He is always ready with his homework. He is very punctual.

He always comes to school in time. He never misses his class. He gets up early in the morning. He is very obedient to his parents. He never plays foul.

He believes in the ideal of simple living and high thinking. He wants to become a doctor to serve the society. I consider myself fortunate to have a good friend like Sushil. He is a source of strength and guide to me. All these qualities make him my best friend.


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