Population hygiene and above all modern facilities in

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Population growth is witnessing geometrical progression. The resources of subsistence are increasing in arithmetical progression. India has to accommodate sixteen per cent of total world population in 2.3 per cent of total land. The pace of our population growth is horrifying. Forty-four children take birth every minute.

Our population is rising by 2.9 per cent per year. Thus every year an extra 26 million people are added to the existing population. Availability of better food, better hygiene and above all modern facilities in medicines, surgery and health care have caused longevity and decline in the rate of mortality. It has further aggravated our population problem. The government is taking stern measures to check the Population. It has started the family planning as early as immediately after the independence.

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It was the first country to introduce family planning. But the programme failed to bring desired result. So it is the need of the hour to realise the menace of population growth.

Our society needs to be made aware of its dangers. The NGOs and media should come forward to create awareness in terms of population growth. We as aware citizens should change our mindset.

Failure to check further increase in population may have disastrous effects. A mass awareness programme should be launched through radio, TV and other press media. The masses should be properly educated to the advantages of family planning.


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