Labour All scientific inventions and discoveries owe their

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Labour not only gives us pleasure, it also keeps us engaged and healthy. It helps to make us fit and active.

It is a popular saying, “A brain is devil’s workshop.” When a man is idle he indulges in unproductive activities. It leads him to frustration. He becomes pessimistic. He becomes fatalist. His personality development is adversely affected.

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He does nothing but aspires for good result. We all know that God helps those who help themselves. He expects us to be laborious. Only then he comes to our help. He doesn’t help an idle man. Nothing is impossible for a laborious man. It is the hard labour of man which helped him in landing on the moon.

All scientific inventions and discoveries owe their success to labour. Even a bird has to look for its food. Mighty lion has to hunt his prey to satiate his hunger. To say, every work demands a great deal of labour. So, we should cultivate a habit of labour right from early age.

We should be firm, committed and consistent in our efforts. Nothing is going to stop success to happen when a proper amount of labour has been put into it. It is bound to come to you.


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