Mr. by all. Apart from imparting bookish knowledge,

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Pratap Rastogi has all the essential qualities of an ideal teacher. He is a great disciplinarian. He is very punctual. He is very regular. He works hard with his students. He expects sincerity and dedication from his students. He is always available to attend the queries of the students. In his class, students also maintain discipline.

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He inculcates in his students all the virtues which make them cultured and well-bred citizens. One of the biggest ennobling qualities of his character is his dedication and sincerity in his work. It is his knowledge and capability that he imparts to his students. He is deeply concerned for the bright future of his students. He is involved with his students. A teacher has a significant role in shaping the career of his students. An ideal teacher keeps himself up-to-date and well- informed.

His style of teaching is very interesting. He has sound knowledge of his subject and his good understanding of the subject makes him popular among the students. He is particularly concerned for those students who are brilliant but financially weak. Such a teacher is held in high esteem by the students and is respected by all.

Apart from imparting bookish knowledge, a good teacher thinks beyond all these and shapes his character. He has a lasting impression upon the life of the students. In fact, he becomes a source of inspiration for the students. The greatest feature of Mr. Rastogi is his high moral standard. His every thought, action and deed is guided by the principle of morality. He is a God-fearing person. He is a staunch believer in God.

He resigns himself to the will of God. He leads a virtuous life. Truth, love, justice and benevolence are different qualities of his life. He is a man of simple living and high thinking. These different shades of his personality combined with his progressive outlook make him endear to all.

He is a guide, philosopher and friend to his students. He is prompt and sensitive to the genuine needs of the students. He is a gem. Our society needs teachers like Mr.



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