We was the place where once the

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We walked, we strode, and we ran. We crossed a stream.

After some time we reached the foot of caves. Some of us separated at the fork of two roads. Now the romance began. We lost our way. It was a big forest. I had no knowledge of the paths. I climbed up and up. There was no end to our climbing.

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We shouted the names of our friends. But there was no response. There were some rocks.

I caught hold of a big stone. I climbed up with its help. The moment I left it, down it went. You can think how lucky I was. After half an hour I heard the cry of our friends.

We hastily went round the caves. But it was growing dark. How­ever we saw the big cave and an idol in it.

We entered it. We found that water was falling from the top. We went to the right side. There we found a very big open cave. It was the place where once the preachers preached to the public. We took our food and a little rest. We started on our return journey. This was the most romantic.

It also proved adventurous. It was night now. We could not clearly see our way. No sooner did we cross the stream than we lost our way. We walked hand in hand. We were caught in a thicket. We struggled to get out of it.

The idea of death made us sad. A lion or a tiger or a serpent danced before our eyes. All of a sudden we heard someone singing. We cried loudly for help.

The singing stopped. We again lost hope of life. Lo! we saw a fire at a distance.

We ran towards fire. Reaching near we saw the huts. But the dog began to bark at us. We entered one of them.

The owner of the hut showed the way to our destination. After one hour we were in Bombay. It was nearly midnight. For a few days I thought of the trip.


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