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There are other type of hawkers also. They sell nothing but buy things. The kabariwalas belong to this category of hawker. They move from locality to locality and buy waste articles like empty bottles, old newspapers, magazines, books, plastic and tin containers, broken household items, etc.

Sometimes, they move on foot or bicycle. They buy these items from house to house and sell them to the dealers. They, in turn, sell them to the recycling plants. Such hawkers do good service to us. They take away our useless items and give us money also. The hawker also sells eatables.

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Normally they do not take care of cleanliness. They sell stale and unclean items. They don’t cover their eatables.

Flies and dust settle on them. Such items when eaten cause health problems. Generally, children are lured to buy such things. Hence, they fall ill. Such hawkers should be avoided. They should not be allowed to play with the health of the people. The hawker is an important member of society. He serves us in many ways.

He brings goods and service at our doorstep. He saves our time and also inconvenience. His life is difficult. We should be sensitive and sympathetic towards him.

His dignity of labour commands our respect.


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