In season. Children enjoy moving in orchards

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In India, people enjoy this season very much. They organise picnic in this season. Children enjoy moving in orchards where there are mangoes laden trees. They enjoy this season by floating paper boats and splashing water on one another. They like to drench in rain water and take a dip in rain water. They feel fresh after the rain bath.

Women have their own way to enjoy this season. They gather at a place and enjoy a swing to the accompaniment of songs of folklores. In drizzling, singing songs have their own pleasure. The rainy season is a mixed blessing. It sometimes presents a horrible picture. The floods become a common phenomenon in different parts of the country. They cause heavy loss to life and property. Standing crops are washed away in floods.

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Houses collapse taking away many lives of the inmates. Communication network is disrupted. Roads are washed away.

Traffic is disrupted. One part of the country is cut off from the other. Due to damage to crops, there is the problem of food crisis. In the aftermath of floods, there is the outbreak of diseases of different kinds. All these present a grim situation. Despite these, the rainy season is very useful.

It brings respite from the heat. It helps in the production of foodstuff and fodder for the animal. It cleans our surroundings. This season is a gift of God.

We should welcome this season.


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