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Not only there are many religions but also there are many languages in India. In UP, Delhi, Punjab, Bihar and other northern States Hindi are the language spoken by the majority of the people. In Andhra Pradesh Telugu is the language of the people. In Karnataka Kannada is the language of the State. In Karalla Malayalam is the language of the State.

In Tamil Nadu it is Tamil. If you go from one State to another it is difficult to converse with the local people. We have to speak in English or in the language of the State. The culture of one State differs from the culture of another. There are Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Parsees, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists in India. People of each religion practice their religion with freedom. This is religious tolerance.

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In this diversity we have to find unity. This is secularism. The Government does not interfere in the practice of a people’s culture or religion. This principle of non­interference in one another’s religious beliefs is secularism. No other country has people speaking so many languages, belonging to so many religions. These religious differences divide India. By and large people live united.

Co-existence is a fine word which explains people’s spirit of mutual understanding and religious tolerance. Everyone has the right to practice his religion and speak his language. We should develop a mentality that we are all equal. The Government pursues the policy of social justice to all strictly. We should give importance to the slogan ‘Unity is our Strength.’


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