424 words essay on the Celebration of X-Mas

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On the Christmas day, after the mid-night mass or prayers are held at the churches. All the Christians gather at the church to participate in the prayer. After the mass, the Christians go home and feast. They wish and greet each other. They decorate their houses with coloured lights and plant a Christmas tree. A big branch of the tree is cut and planted in the corner of the house. Then the branch is decorated with little toys. Candles and electric bulbs are lighted on its twigs at night. The Christmas tree looks very bright and attractive. The Christians place different types of gifts at the foot of the tree for each other. Songs are sung at night. They offer prayers to God and thank Him for sending Christ on earth to remove all sins and sufferings of the mankind. They distribute gifts among the friends and relatives. Small children hang stockings near their bed. They believe that Santa Claus will bring gifts for them. People arrange parties and invite guests. They serve delicious food to their guests. They sing Christmas hymn’s and Christmas carols. Music programmes are also arranged. At the end of festivities people go to church and pray to God to shower them with all His blessings.

The Christmas is celebrated with fun and frolic everywhere. It is a national holiday in all the Christian countries. The festival gives us a message to live in peace and love. It teaches us the importance of love and sacrifice.

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