I is a bundle of good qualities. He

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I have many friends and relatives. It is very difficult to name the best choice out of them all. But one thing is certain that maximum of my time is spent in the company of Harsh. He is my one of the best friends. He is such a nice boy that everybody appreciates him.

He is a bundle of good qualities. He is very popular among his friends. His teacher also loves him. Harsh is a brilliant student.

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He always stands first in his class. He is very sincere to his studies. He always comes to school on time. He is very punctual and regular. He is always ready with his homework. He is very active in extra-curricular activities also. He is a very good goalkeeper.

He is the captain of our school hockey team. Under his captaincy our school won inter-state tournament. At state level, he has been prized the best goalkeeper. In the field of sports, he wishes to take India to the peak of its glory. As he is a good player, he is equally good in academics. He is a brilliant debater.

His arguments leave his opponents speechless. His arguments are highly convincing. In addition, Harsh is highly skilled in the art of essay writing. His essays reflect his sharp observation and brilliant logical faculty. Wherever he goes he is sure to win the event. Harsh is very helpful and cooperative. He is always ready to help his friends.

He helps the poor and the needy. He respects his elders and loves his friends and younger’s. If any of his friends has some problem in his studies, he is by his side to solve his queries. He is very focused. Whatever he does, he does it with full devotion and sincerity. He always puts his hundred per cent in it. That is why I spend most of my time with him.

He is indeed a gem. Such a nice person is rare in today’s world.


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