Hobbies the monotony of daily routine. They

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Hobbies are of great importance since they keep us busy, refreshed and relaxed. They give us a change from the monotony of daily routine.

They make our leisure pleasant and enjoying. They have great recreational value. As we know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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Sitting idle is not good from any angle. It is a famous adage that an idle mind is devil’s workshop. It shows that sitting a man idle is neither good for the man or for the society. Hobbies save us from mischief and boredom. They help us to groom our talent and skill. In the present age of tension and pressure, hobbies are all the more significant. They remove our tension and fatigue.

Hobbies help to maintain one’s efficiency even at an advanced age. They add taste and spice to life. Hobbies are particularly important for those who do mental work. Hobbies provide distraction to our mind. What makes them interesting is that they are pursued as per convenience and comfort. Hobbies come as a delightful shower to us. There is a long list of hobbies. Stamp collection is a good hobby.

It has great archaeological value. It is a good source of knowledge and information. Gardening is also an interesting hobby.

It brings one closer to nature. Playing on musical instruments, reading and singing are some of the popular hobbies. Selection of hobbies is purely a personal matter.

Persons of different temperament and nature have different hobbies. Hobbies make a man’s life fuller and meaningful. They provide an escape from one’s dull routine. Such constructive use of leisure time makes a person contented and happy.


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