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There are different types of shops in a weekly market, ranging from green grocers to the shops of home furnishing.

The shops are temporary. They sell in utensils, footwear, milk products, snacks and sweetmeats. The snack shops are heavily crowded, particularly by children and women. Besides these shops, there are hawkers who sell different items of daily needs. Weekly market offers them too a good opportunity to have a great business.

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Weekly markets are very useful for the people—both for the traders and the customers. The customers find things of their need in their neighborhood. They do not have to spend much time for this purpose. The shopkeepers have the advantages of selling their wares and enjoying good business within a short span of time. Such markets are especially useful for those who live in far off places. They can buy their essential items at a reasonable rate here in a weekly market.

People from all walks of life visit a weekly market. This also gives them an opportunity for enjoyment. Undoubtedly, such markets are great revelers for society.


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