411 Words Essay on Maharana Pratap

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Rana took a vow to make Chittor free from Mughals. He had now to run from the palace with his queen and children. He passed his bad days in the forests away from sharp eyes of Akbar.

They ate wild fruits and sometimes had no food for a number of days. There is a sad story. It throws light on his sufferings. Once the little princess was crying for food. The queen had nothing to prepare any food.

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In helplessness she prepared some loaves of grass and wild fruits. They ate the loaves and put one of them under a piece of stone for the princess who was sleep­ing.

When she woke and began to eat the loaf, a wild cat took the loaf away from her hand. There was no other loaf. The princess began to cry. The sight moved the brave heart of Rana. He too wept like a child.

Now Rana decided to write a letter to Akbar. He wanted to surren­der before him. But just then his old and faithful minister, Bhama Shah came to him and placed all his wealth at his feet. He asked Rana to prepare a new army to fight with Akbar.

The Rana accepted the offer. He made an army. He recaptured some places. He could not get back Chittor.

So the Rana toqk a vow not to sleep on the bed and sleep under a roof till he get back Chittor. So his descendants honour his name and vow even today by putting some Kusha grass under their bed. There is a class of Rajputs who still are leading a wandering life.

India is proud of Rana Pratap who never bowed his head before mighty Akbar. He suffered but did not yield.


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