Some has a good network of roadways. But

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Some areas are still beyond the reach of the Indian Railways’ network.

India has a good network of roadways. But there is great difference in quality of road transport in various parts of the country. In some states, road transport is good while in some other states it is backward.

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Road transport also suffers from several disadvantages. These are especially due to poor road conditions in both rural and urban areas. Most of the villages are not linked to the mainstream of the country with well-furnished roads.

The smooth public road transport in urban areas leads to increase in the number of private vehicles which adds to pollution problem. Whereas, backward villages still depend upon archaic means of transports. Of course the government is considering these aspects with positive set of mind, which is the only ray of hope, at least for the time being. Air transport is developing fast in India. But this facility is available in mainly big cities and metros. One cannot have this facility in small cities.

Only a particular section of society can avail the benefits of air transport. Thus, it is not a popular means of public transport.


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