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In fact, the two have had never a good relationship. They were always having a strained relation.

To say, quarrel over such issues had been frequent in the past. Their tolerance level is zero in terms of their relation. Sometimes it appeared that they were looking for ways to quarrel. Soon the heated exchange of words turned into calling names. From exchange of hot words, calling names, they came to blows. One of them gave a slap to other, who in turn gave a sharp blow to other.

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When the quarrel was taking a serious turn, some elderly persons in the neighborhood intervened and tried to calm them down. But none of them was ready to down their anger. Seeing all these someone in the crowd rang the police station. Within a few minutes, the police force was there.

However, with the mediating of the mature person of the locality, it was agreed that the man whose son’s ball had damaged the flower pot would compensate for the same. Thus, with a great deal of efforts some solution could be reached. In fact, lack of rational thinking and fellow feeling had led to the occurrence of such an event.


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