383 words essay on the importance of Self-Reliance

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Expectations from others turn us into an object of pity, disgust and ridicule. Such people are looked down upon as hangers and parasites. All our self-dignity and self-respect are gone. Our sense of honour is lost. Our position becomes awkward amidst people of energy and power. A man low in spirit becomes miserable.

A self-reliant man always brings in energy and strength. He is brave and determined. He seeks no outside help, no pretence, no support, but struggles himself against all odds and oddities of life. This enriches his experiences. The experiences thus gained embolden him all the more. He is not concerned for failure or success. His sole concern is his target.

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Such a man commands great respect, awe and admiration. He becomes a source of inspiration, help and support in society. His determination and courage change the adversity into prosperity.

The fruit of self-help is unique and rewarding. Things earned by our own toils fill us with tremendous pleasure. So we should develop a habit of self-reliance. A self-reliant man enjoys power and influence wherever he goes. He gets responsible appointment. He makes progress in life. Self- reliance brings pleasure and prosperity in life.


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