The resolve the Kashmir dispute, but, so

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The terrorists use the media to announce their schemes and cause devastation in areas where there is calm. A series of terrorist activities is a serious warning to the public and all Governments that they should yield to the terrorists’ demands. Terrorism is the latest social development which is a sign of the extreme violence of our time, which emphasizes the fact that we are at the crossroads. India has been suffering at the hands of the terrorists for many years. The terrorists trained in handling the latest types of guns shoot the innocent men, women and children. This has become a regular feature.

Pakistan claims Kashmir as its own, but its claim is invalid, unconstitutional. Kashmir has been in the possession of India for a long time. Many negotiations have been held to resolve the Kashmir dispute, but, so far, no solution has been found. Terrorism is a global phenomenon. The terrorist of terrorists Osama-bin-laden encourages the terrorist organizations all over the world and they carry out terrorist attacks everywhere. In Sri Lanka, the LATTE, have been waging a war with the Sri Lankan Government to get a share in the governance of the States, where the Tamil-speaking population is predominant. Thus, terrorism is everywhere and this poses great danger to the security of people.

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