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There is not a common opinion of people regarding these strikes. Some are of the view that strikes should be declared illegal and should be stopped with iron hands. But some have other opinion about it.

They say that they are the natural offspring’s of our industrial system. Before industrialization workers were at the mercy of their masters but after industrialization unions of workers came into existence to safe­guard the interests of the workers. In the previous days the worker had to compromise with the dictates of his master, but same is not now. The realization of unity among workers gave way for the formation of trade unions.

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Now the workers raise their demands through these trade unions. If the employer does not listen to their demands they have a weapon of strike with them. Employer had to concede to their just demands sooner or later. Through the weapon of strike workers have better conditions of work. Now-a-days these strikes are not limited to working class only.

Every sphere of society has these problems now. Schools and col­leges have strikes. Students come out of the classes and go on strike. So, wherever there is unity and organized body, there are strikes. Some strikes are really nuisance to the society and may cause for certain lives. The strike by doctors is a great nuisance, they stop to examine patients and poor patients who cannot afford private treatment in some cases lose their lives. Such types of strikes should be banned.

Sometimes the demands of workers are unlogical which cannot be granted. These types of strikes are a great loss to nation, trade and industry. Politicians also use strikes as a weapon against government. They incite workers for their political game.

Sometimes these strikes which are an important weapon in the hands of workers for their upliftment become a nuisance for the society as a whole.


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