Once turned towards a vast open ground on

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Once a husband and his wife along with their three children were going along a forest to their village. As the family was nearing the village it was midday. The husband and his wife saw a tiger coming from afar. They did not know whether the tiger noticed them.

Immediately they hid their three young children in a thick bush and stood behind the broad trunk of a tree. They were quite careful to save their children and did not bother much about their safety. The tiger after coming some distance on the road suddenly turned towards a vast open ground on its left side and went away. After some time the parents took out their children from the bush and hurried to their village nearby. It was a miraculous escape for them from a wild beast. I wanted to tell you this small story only to impress on you how unselfish parents are. There is no one superior to your parents.

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Obey them and get their blessings and the blessings of your teachers. This is a great truth. I wish you all well. Study well and score good marks. Jai Hind.’


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