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There is an editor who is generally a senior teacher of great ability. He is helped by associate editors who are generally good and intelligent students. They all see that the articles published in the magazine are all useful for the students in improving their knowledge, taste and character. There are many uses of the school magazine. The students are encouraged to think and write. Since the articles are published and everyone reads them, the students write them with great care and labour. They read a number of books to get sufficient matter for the articles.

They take care of the selection of words and Idioms. They make their language attractive and beautiful. Thus general knowledge of the stu­dents increases. They get a habit of reading and writing. The writing makes their knowledge accurate.

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By means of magazines the head of the school (Principal) comes in the touch with the boys. He himself writes on important matters and makes his appeal to the students to keep discipline. The school magazine is interesting to the old boys of the school also. They read the articles and their memory of old days becomes fresh again. They can also write articles for the improvement and good of the school and the students.

Thus, the school magazine is a very good and useful thing. If the editor is able and hard-working, he can help the students to write good articles. It is a great joy to the students to see his name published in the magazine.


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