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Promiscuity is the cause of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), a fatal syndrome caused by a virus transmitted in the blood. People are loathing approaching a person suffering from the disease. The best advice to all in society is that they should avoid having sex with anyone they like; having sex with your wife or husband only is the best policy. AI DS is the worst disease. If AIDS has to be fought out the campaign against AIDS should start at the school level. Nowadays youngsters want to have sex and this is not advisable. This message should be carried to the youngsters in their own interest. Some time ago, there was a silent protest against AIDS as part of the Global Aids Week from May 20 to 26.

The infected patients demanded vitamin-enriched foodstuffs through the public distribution system. They also demanded provision of anti-retroviral (ARC) therapy in the primary health centers. The protestors wore black masks and demanded CD4 count testing centers in all districts so that the patients could get tested every three months and avail themselves of the ARC therapy without delay.

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The patients wanted assurances from the Government that the children infected with AIDS would be admitted to school. It is said that a special session of the United Nations Genera.1 Assembly has considered the steps taken against fighting AIDS by all countries. Now funds for the campaign against the disease come mostly from international organisations and the central Government. The State Governments just distribute the funds, it is said. It is felt that every State Government should set apart a substantial amount for the AIDS campaign.


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