Perfect people in a country. People should be

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Perfect democracy can be achieved by educating all people in a country.

People should be made to realise their social and political responsibilities. They should have complete knowledge of democratic living and democratic form of government. Constant vigilance is the price of democracy. The success of democracy largely depends on its power to produce the right type of leadership. The things to come are determined by the thinking, values and beliefs of these leaders. They should be conscious about the essence of democracy. Freedom of expression and a well-motivated public opinion through an impartial media will help to achieve effective democratic values. People should be more active and vigilant in the democratic form of government, since it is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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Other crucial points are recognition of the rights of the minority, uniform justice throughout the country to citizens, to have a right to fight for justice etc. Holding free and impartial elections ensures democracy in the true sense. To achieve all these essentials, a basic economic independence of all citizens is a must in a democratic country.


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