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1414 words essay on Secularism in India (Free to read)

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India is a vast country, with more than a billion people of various faiths, religious sects, and cultures, etc. Its staggering diversity has been a mighty unifying factor to make it a strong and unified nation. There are various races, castes communities and religions co-existing in peace and harmony for many centuries. There are Hindus, […]

3 Major Life Areas of an Individual that are Needed to be understood by the Counselor for Effective Counseling

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One important key to such understanding is the physical and social environment of the individual. Careful, long-range studies are now being made of the relationship. Life Areas 1. The Individual in His School: A study made recently indicates that the greatest prestige is often given to those students with organisational leadership ability— the ability to […]

1210 words essay on The Role of Newspapers (Free to read)

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The powers and influence of the press are really unlimited. But they can be misused as well. They are like double-edged swords. In wrong hands, they may be used by vested interests and anti-social elements to further their own selfish ends at the cost of national and social interests. They may give distorted views and […]

7 Characteristics and Features of MBO in Performance Appraisal

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4. Effective goal setting and planning by top management. 5. Mutual goal setting 6. Frequent individual performance reviews 7. Some freedom in developing means of achieving objectives. MBO is thus, a method of mutual goal setting, measuring progress towards the goals, tacking action to assure goal attainment, feedback and participation. It is a result- oriented […]

How to Measure Self-Understanding? – Answered!

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Through these life stories the student may tell how he sees himself and how the world looks to him. This instrument has especial value because it can be adapted for use at nearly all grade levels. Interview: Perhaps the most useful method for disclosing the individual’s level of self-understanding is the interview. If we give […]

Free Essay on The Happiest Day of My Life (Words 484)

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The match was to begin at 10.30 A.M. So I left my home for the playground at 10 A.m. Full of zeal and excitement, I had hardly gone a hundred meters, when I found an old man of about seventy who was tottering on a sloppy road for his home. He asked me to help […]

How to Develop Your Self-Confidence? – Answered!

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It requires more than the collection of data about oneself. It calls for the ability to interpret these data in terms of self and environment. The individual must come to see himself as he is in comparison with what he wants to be. He must come to grips with himself as he is, as well […]

Free Essay on “Stitch in Time Saves Nine” (473 Words)

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If the lock of your door is not working properly, then it is advisable to repair it immediately, rather than giving others opportunity to steal. Similarly if there is a cut on your hands and if you don’t apply any medicine to it, then within no time the scare may enlarge and you may have […]

1266 words essay on the importance of Forest Conservation

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“The Spirit of the forest never slays unless one approaches in fury, one may eat at will of her luscious fruits and rest in her shade at one’s pleasure. Adorned with fragrant perfumes and she needs not toil for her food. Mother of untamed forest beasts, Spirit of the wood, I salute you!” The intimacy […]

Importance of Self- Understanding in the Process of Effective Career Guidance

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The importance of the self-concept in guidance stems from the fact that individuals live in separate and constantly changing worlds which constitute the only reality they can ever know. The individual is the center of his world, and we can never completely share his view of things since we can never join him in his […]

Free Essay on the Importance of Tourism in UK (Words 474)

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Where Britain has the attractions such as sporting events, the Palace and quality shopping facilities what can other countries offer to boost their economies. A significant campaign from Canada is aimed at encouraging visitors in the last 24 months. They choose to focus on beautiful scenery and the natural side of the country. This is […]

9 Principles Which can Prove Useful in the Clinical Approach of Group Guidance as Suggested by Hahn and Maclean

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The causes of trouble are identified, the treatment is prescribed and then the case is followed up through the appropriate agencies of correction. Clinical method does not take the place of individual counselling but does aid vary materially in getting a picture of the student that is more nearly complete than can be obtained by […]

Free Essay on the Importance of Family (506 Words)

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The extended family are cousins, aunts and uncles and basically all other members and are generally considered external to the close family unit of a child. Clearly this does not apply to all situations are cultures but acts as a general rule. So Why is Family So Important? For many, the main reason is blood […]

1050 words comprehensive essay on Indian Youth

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Proper orientation and positive steps are needed to engage the youth of the country in nation-building activities. Their zeal, enthusiasm and energy need to be channelized in developmental activities and social reconstruction. The Indian youth, full of inexhaustible power, is always eager to do something positive, constructive and appreciable for the society and the nation. […]


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