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Essay on Social Control and Conformity

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Further, irrespective of his own attitude, the group or the other people will disapprove of him if he violates the established pattern. Both internalised “need” and external sanctions are effective in bringing about conformity. Conformity is achieved by two different ways: (i) Immediate conformity which is the result of so­cial pressure or control; and (ii) […]

Essay on Effects of Over Population

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(i) Population and Poverty: Poverty and population very often go hand in hand. In fact, poverty is both the cause and the effect of rapid growth of population. The mass poverty of our country is due to the rapid growth of population. It is estimated that about 26% [1999-2000] of the people of India still […]

Essay on Social Functions and Dysfunctions

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Examples: Religion be when it helps in binding together members of a society. lt is called dysfunctional when it promotes superstitious beliefs and ‘meaningless’ practices, (ii) A political machine is dysfunctional when it increases graft and corruption. It remains functional when it is able to protect the rights of minorities and assure equality to all. […]

506 words essay on the Importance of Sports

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In a sound body is a sound mind. When we play different types of games like volleyball, football, cricket or tennis our whole system works in full vigor. Our muscles become stronger and our nervous system is toned up. We forget ourselves in the wild run and jump as we play competing with our rivals. […]

Essay on Marx’s Concept of Alienation

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1. “Alienation refers to the sense of powerlessness, isolation and meaninglessness experience by human beings when they are confronted with social institutions and conditions that they cannot control and consider oppressive”. – (Seeman, 1959 – as quoted by I. Robertson) 2. “Broadly speaking ‘alienation’ denotes a socio-psychological condition of the individual which involves his estrangement […]

574 words essay on Our School for students

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Is not Dr. Ambedkar High School, a model school, whose mission is to create awareness among the people and the students about the importance of education? Our school is one of the biggest schools in our area. Our school has classes up to the tenth standard. There are many villages in our area. Hundreds of […]

525 words essay on the The Age of Information Technology

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Computers help us to pass on a piece of information from one end of the world to another in a few seconds. E-mails sent through computers are a source of the quickest transmission of messages. Some years ago we had to communicate with our relative or friend in the USA, England or Japan only through […]

Essay on Rural Sociology

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Different sociologists have defined rural sociology in different ways. A few definitions may be examined here: 1. Sanderson says that “Rural sociology is the sociology of rural life in the rural environment”. 2. Bertand says that in its broadest sense, “Rural sociology is that study of human relationships in rural environment”. 3. F. Stuard Chapin […]

238 words short essay on Democracy and Its Needs

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Perfect democracy can be achieved by educating all people in a country. People should be made to realise their social and political responsibilities. They should have complete knowledge of democratic living and democratic form of government. Constant vigilance is the price of democracy. The success of democracy largely depends on its power to produce the […]

648 words essay on An Excursion for students

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We read about the Saraswati Mahal Library in Thanjavur, and we visit it and go through the extensive library containing various sorts of ancient books, palm-leaf manuscripts, and our visit adds a lot of information to our knowledge about one of the oldest libraries. Excursions are a must in a school curriculum. An actual visit […]

Short essay for kids on Friendship—A need

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Man does not live by bread alone. His relationship with others in the family and society give him an identity and provide a psychological satisfaction. Among all other ties, friendship brings immense joy in our life. If we are lucky to have a noble friend, he will save us from all our depressions. The magic […]

Essay on Importance of Rural Sociology

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(1) Rural Population is in Majority: The world’s population is more rural than urban. More than two-third of the people of the world live in villages. In India alone more than 50 crores people (more than 75 per cent of the total population) live in more than 5 lakh villages. It is the village that […]

705 words essay on the Leader of All Time

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Gandhiji was so simple that he was always found wearing a loincloth. He once saw a poor farmer and as he had no good clothes he was wearing a loincloth. Moved by the poverty of the farmer that day he vowed to wear only a loincloth. And from that day he wore nothing but a […]

Essay on Minority Groups

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Who constitute the minority then, and how to define it? The concept of ‘minority group’ is an important one in sociology, and it is used in a specific manner. Let us now try to understand its nature. Meaning and Definition of Minority Group: 1. The Dictionary Meaning [Chambers Dictionary] of the word minority is – […]


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