Month: May 2019

The emergence of nations

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  War broke out, and it became clear that constitutional equality could not exist; instead Bosnia-Herzegovina faced a brutal partitioning whereby the Serbs would always be the outvoted minority (The Economist 2003: 26). The more intensely public opinion within a state tends to regard the frustrations of its own hopes and expectations. It can be […]

The Eleusis amphora presented

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According to Hurwit, diversity is certainly the emblem of individuality, and the seventh century Archaic Greek society was not deprived of it. This was indeed a period of fundamental social change, a spiritual revolution reflected in a multitude of fields of life such as literature, pottery, sculpture, architecture, philosophy, politics and socio-economic life. It was […]

The Sugarloaf Mountain near Newcastle

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The dominant ideology that colonised “Terra Australis” and went on to construct “Australia” was patriarchal. Describe how this gendered perspective is evident in works from Australia’s past. Support your argument with reference to specific examples. Does such a view persist in the contemporary production of culture in Australia? Introduction The dominant ideology that colonised Terra […]

The different uses and vales of camel culture

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In the past, citizens used camel for traveling and trading as well as their milk. However, local people in the U. A. E mainly use camels just for entertainment in racing or in tourism These changes happened in the U. A. E because of the demand of life after discovering oil which makes people use […]

The death of lady liberty

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  She has many relatives in the Philippines right now that urn to live in the United States but says they still face many barriers. She grows real sad about the situation. I can’t help but grieve for her. I see her always collecting pens from people who leave them lying around. Often people give […]

The United Kingdom with English

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What role does ‘language’ play in notions of cultural and national identity in Britain? This essay will attempt to answer the above question by examining the importance of language in the formation, and then preservation, of nations, nationalisms, and the identities that exist within them. It will then go on to analyse the development of […]

The concept of diaspora

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  Members of diasporic societies may emphasise with others sharing their ethnic origin, living in other countries, -“… very strong association of notions of diaspora with displacement and dislocation means the experience of location can easily dissolve out of focus” (Cartographies of Diaspora p180) -and those of differing ethnic origin who share the status of […]

The British established a penal colony in Australia

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Why was the commissariat central to the early colonial economy in Australia? In order to explain why the commissariat was central to the early colonial economy it may serve first to consider the purpose of the new colony and the situation the new colonists found themselves in; what the commissariat was; what role it played […]

The role of ideas

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Sabatier fails to identify an adequate explanation of policy change and only provides a good yet rather descriptive analysis of what the environmental coalition at Lake Tahoe achieved. Policy cores are the fundamental glue of coalitions because they represent basic normative and empirical commitments13 and this perhaps places too much emphasis, especially in environmental policy, […]

The subject of geography

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“Geography matters because it is specific places that provide the settings for people’s daily lives. It is in these settings that important events happen; and from them that significant changes spread and diffuse. ” (Knox, P. L. and Marston, S. A. (eds) (2001) Places and regions in global context: human geography New Jersey: Prentice Hall […]

Discuss with a reference to least ONE rock band performer

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  Both of these cultural phenomenons created a vacuum in the 50’s style of conformity, thus inevitably being labelled subversive. The 1960’s also enabled folk to be recognised in musical mainstream America. The acceptance of this sometimes sparse and almost always politically potent music was a complete turn around from the previous decade’s sound, style […]

Bis155 Final Exam Study Guide

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BIS155 Final Exam Study Guide The Final Exam has a total of five essay questions. The focus of the exam is to evaluate your ability to select and apply appropriate tools/concepts based on descriptions of common business situations. TopicQuestion TypeNumber of QuestionsPoints Possible TCO 1 through 9: ExcelEssay4160 TCO 10: Database ConceptsEssay140 TOTAL5200 POINTS TCO […]

How to Make India a Better Place

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As we step into the new decade, we asked a spectrum of entrepreneurs, bankers, VCs and marketing consultants on how they think India can improve its entrepreneurship quotient. Here is a blue print for developing the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and pave way for a brave new world Dream, adventure, determination. This sums up the secret […]

Customer Service in Tourism

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Customer Service in Tourism Introduction The tourism industry has for long been known as one of the most profitable industry in the economic world today. The rapid growth of the said industry has increased in demand thus causing high competition in the sector. It is thus vital that quality customer services be implemented to win […]


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