For on the roll. Smaller institutions may share

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For an effective guidance service, the Commission recommended: (i) There should be at least one counsellor for every one thousand students on the roll. Smaller institutions may share a counsellor who should work in each of the institutions on a part-time basis; (ii) A project for the training of professionally trained counsellors should be organised in some university competent to do; and (iii) The Students Advisory Bureaux and University Employment and Guidance Bureaux should be combined to form an information and employment centre which should function directly under the Dean of students. (B) The Draft National Policy on Education, 1979:The Draft National policy on Educational of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, does not contain any thing on guidance and counselling service either in schools or in institutions of higher learning. The words ‘guidance’ and ‘counselling’ are nowhere mentioned in the National Policy Note. The UGC, too, has not earmarked any funds for this important student service.


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