2. classified on the basis of time,

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2. A responsible official should be entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining records. 3. A procedural manual should be maintained, detailing the procedure to be fol­lowed for maintaining and dealing with records. 4.

Records should be maintained in such a manner that the information should be available easily and quickly. Records are of no use if the required information is not available with speed and accuracy. 5. The expenses involved in producing and maintaining records should be justified by their usefulness.

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Its upkeep and maintenance should not be costly. Record keeping should be economical. 6. HR records should be maintained in a concise form so that valuable space is not wasted.

Out-dated information is of no use and can be misleading therefore, un­wanted records may be destroyed. 7. Duplication of entries in different records should be avoided.

8. The time period for which particular information would be preserved should be decided in advance. Records should be kept under lock and key so that these are not pilfered or tampered with. 9. HR records must be classified on the basis of time, subject or chronological order. Classification is necessary to identify a record and to differentiate it from other records. Different types of records should be maintained in separate files lockers for ready reference.

They should be easily identified and differentiated from one another. 10. The record keeping system must be flexible so that it may be expanded or reduced as necessary. 11. Records must be verifiable.

A record, which is not capable of verification, is of no use.


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