1-House2-Family3-Grandfather’s riding a bike and getting all

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1-House2-Family3-Grandfather’s watch4-Dogs 5-Mom’s cooking6-Bikes7-Shoes8-Bible9-Phone 10-Car Everyone has at least 1 priceless item. Some people have 2, 4, 5, or even 10. There is no limit to how many items there are in your life that you consider priceless. I have many priceless items in my life shown in all the pictures i have.

They are all items used in my life and without them would make my life different! One priceless item i have is my house because i live in it and have so many memories that took place in it.Another is my family because they love me and can’t be replaced with no one or nothing else. The next is my grandfather’s watch no because of it’s value but because of it’s meaning to me. Also, my dogs because they guard my house and keep me safe. One of my favorite though is my mom’s cooking because it is the best food you will ever eat! Furthermore, another item that is priceless to me is my bikes because they help me with my career and help me reach my goal in life.

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Shoes are also priceless to me because i collect them and look forward to buying more shoes. Another item that is very important to me because it helps me live my life and teaches me what i am suppose to do is the Bible. I also need my phone to stay in contact with friends and family. Last but not least is my cars because they help us comute from place to place in very little time compared to walking or riding a bike and getting all sweaty and all.


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