We take pride in our performance and love sharing our client success stories!

The best part of working with small business owners is seeing our great work come to life by the results we deliver. Continuously building brand awareness,  increasing sales and lead generation are key metrics that make our clients smile!


Read some of our client reviews below mentioning how much they enjoy collaborating with GEM Marketing Solutions.

brand_nu_janitorial_service_logo“Jennifer is wonderful! I run several small local service companies and needed someone who understands the world wide web of today’s marketing needs! She fits the bill. She can maintain my website front to back, handle the plug in updates in all my wordpress websites. She is an excellent writer and helps me with my blog posting and social media. Best of all she understands google analytics, which is very important when it comes to running successful websites. Jennifer is full of energy, very positive and nice to work with! I highly recommend GEM Marketing Solutions!” – Marguerite, Brand-Nu Janitorial Service

central_vacuum_logo“Jennifer is great to deal with she is highly knowledgeable She is helping our small business grow with marketing solutions we thought where only affordable at high prices. If you want positive feedback and your small business to grow I would highly recommend GEM Marketing Solutions.” – Donna, Certified Vacuum

“I highly recommend Gem Marketing Solutions! Working with Jennifer has been easy! Her company is local and convenient to get to. Her knowledge of internet marketing is well rounded, she has lots of good ideas. She understands the importance of social media whether it’s on facebook, twitter or google +. I needed help with blog posts-no problem she can do it. She is an outstanding writer. She set up my google analytics so we can track our progress too. What I like most is her ability to maintain my website, she can update the plugins, takes care of the front and back end of my wordpress websites. I think you will enjoy working with Jennifer!” – Jeanne, All Clean

“I hired GEM Marketing Solutions to put together a website for my Company.
The website, which is very good was accomplished in a very short period of time and without any undo effort on my behalf. Jennifer is very professional and accomplished.” – John, O’Hearn Produce Company, LLC