If you are located in New England then you realize we are in the middle of a snow storm, which isn’t supposed to stop until tomorrow some time. If you have lived here most of your life-like myself, then you are already used to the routine of storms. Normally, we get slammed with snow. Schools and work email to say they won’t be open and then we all go back to sleep and enjoy the day off. Well, snow days don’t look like that for us with small businesses. Snow or no snow, we are working!

Hence my blog for today on technology. Yesterday, I had an important client meeting which normally takes place at the company’s headquarters, but due to the snow and me being a baby to drive in it (true story), we resorted to connect in a different way. We chose Google Hangouts! Now, I know there is Facetime, Skype and all these other apps that can make a face to face connection happen, but my client and I truly enjoyed our meeting and got the same amount of work done without the travel and me shaking in my boots because of the snow!


It was super easy to initiate a call. You can find a helpful resource to show you how to get started here. However, our favorite tool on Google Hangouts was… you can screen share! OMG, I was jumping up and down. There was no need to email each other links so the other could see what was going on, nope! It was like we were in the same room together seeing the same information.

I know a lot of you probably already know about these virtual connection resources, but they are such a great help to small business owners who just can’t fit in the time to travel to some meetings or other unexpected situations come up (like snow!). The ability to still keep our projects moving forward because of technology was priceless. I am actually going to try to recommend more Google Hangout meetings when possible. Even though I do like seeing my clients in the flesh as well. Maybe a healthy mix of virtual and flesh will work haha!

In closing, take a step out of your comfort zone when necessary. Yesterday was the first Google Hangout meeting for my client and myself and it was a success. It is actually going to lead to more time in my schedule since less commuting and more time to be productive and work. Yes, it might be something you need to test out before you have a live call with a client, but it will be worth the time getting used to. Best of luck in your Hangout!

P.S. You can add more than one participant to a call if needed. Then it can be a group hangout 😉

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