1 Tool That Tripled My Sites Conversions

You might be skeptical when you read my title of this blog post, but it is true. Honestly, I kick myself in the you know what for not utilizing this resource long ago. When it comes to change, I think we all get a little nervous. I was thinking:

  • What if it messes up my site?
  • What if my visitors don’t like it and find it annoying?
  • I really don’t have the time for this…

You know, all of these things kept me from moving forward. Okay, okay! I know you want to know what tool I am talking about already, sorry for the delay! It is a chat tool!

When I installed the chat tool on my website, by the way it is a free plugin on WordPress called Live Chat. I immediately saw an increase in inquiries and ultimately conversions. Now that I think about it, it totally makes sense. When visitors are on your site, they are interested at that very moment in your products or services. This is when you need to strike, while they are hot and that is exactly what the chat tool does. It gives them the power to simply type their questions in the chat box and get a response from me instantly. At the same time, I just captured their data when they input their email address and name to begin the chat. Yes!!!

This means I no longer have to wait for prospective clients to complete my Contact Us form or call me, which sometimes they are just not ready to do. However, a chat conversation seems a lot less invasive and still provides us (the business owners) with the information we need to nurture those prospective leads. At the same time, the visitor gets the answer they are looking for instantly. It is totally a win/win situation.

Also, Live Chat’s dashboard allows you to see in real-time exactly how many people are browsing on your site and what pages they are looking at. This is important data, that you will be getting for free! We love that!

So go login to your website and download a chat tool. There are many options, free and premium to choose from. Let me know how it goes and best of luck increasing those leads!

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