One of the most powerful tools to analyze your marketing efforts is Google Analytics. Not only is Google Analytics the best, but it is free too <jumping up and down>!

Why Use Analytics?

Besides it being free of charge, Google Analytics is a powerful application for tracking traffic patterns on your website.The fact that it’s an entirely free program, and integrates with other Google programs, like AdSense and AdWords, only makes it that much more valuable.Google definitely has become a “One Stop Shop” for us marketers and small business owners.

Once you learn how to read the data in Google Analytics; it puts you in a position to understand what your website visitors behaviors are and how you can accommodate your site to their liking.

Metrics to Watch?

Google Analytics can be very overwhelming once you first begin your data journey, but the information that is available to you in their data sets are priceless. So spend the time learning, it will be worth it to your business in the long run.

Some important metrics to pay attention to are:

  • Conversion
  • Traffic Sources
  • New Visitors
  • Exit Pages
  • Bounce Rates

Google Analytics can provide powerful insight into any site’s marketing efforts and optimization. But with all of that power comes a tool box of tools, some easy and some a little bit more complex.

Best of luck learning this new powerful tool!

Extra Resource: Google Analytics Help Center

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