If your speciality is social media marketing like myself, then you can relate to my brain going into overload with all new features social platforms are coming out with.

This week the long-awaited platform, Pinterest, expanded their features. Pinterest rolled out a new feature called Explore. You are probably familiar with Instagram’s Explore tab and Twitter’s Moments tab. Explore on Pinterest is going to be very similar by serving trending ideas, videos and pins to this feed for you to check out. Previously a Pinterest users feed would only show content from users they follow. Now Explore will widen opportunities to locate other great pieces on content.

Additionally, Pinterest is introducing native videos that will be on auto-play. However, don’t expect every time you log into Pinterest to be alarmed by videos playing. They will have their own location. Currently the videos that will be displayed will be from specific taste makers and marketing advertisements from brands such as Macy’s and the Food Network, yum! Perfect time to roll out for the holiday season.

So, go check it out and let me know how you like it!

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