Today kickstarts the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a memory behind us. It is barely noon and Black Friday shoppers are still scourging the stores looking for the best deals. Speaking of deals, what strategies have you implemented to increase sales this holiday season?

Customers are actually waiting for your business to promote some type of discount so they can swoop in a buy! No longer are the days when potential customers simply just visit your website or walk in to your establishment and make purchases. They want things like promo codes, free shipping and 20% off their entire purchase. You get the idea. All of these specials entice them to make purchases when they normally would not. They want a deal and it is your responsibility to give them one.

In fact, creating promotions like this is a great way to bring in new customers that will become loyal to your brand. Sales make us try new things and if we like what we receive then we will be back. A great way to increase repeat customers is to begin a customer loyalty program. In example, my salon recently gave me a punchcard. Their deal was after 5 massages; I will get the sixth free. That will definitely encourage me to schedule more massages, which I have 😉

In conclusion, tis the season to shop! This is the time to take advantage of the holiday season and give your potential customers what they are looking for… a deal!

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