You might have heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization to be formal. This marketing strategy is a vital piece to keeping your new website healthy and optimally performing.

  1. Know Your Relevant Keywords – In order for your site to be found when people are searching you will need to identify your primary keywords and then optimize your site based on your content and those keywords. You are encouraged to include your keywords in your content and page titles.
  2. Limit Your Title Tag – Title tag is the page title on each page of your website. Most search engines tend to display the first 50-60 characters of your title on their search result page. You will want the title tag to be as relevant to the content as much as possible in hopes for your organic search results to be maximized.
  3. Complete Meta Descriptions – Meta description is the description shown under the page title. Usually, searchers look at your meta description to decide if they want to click. Attention grabbing content is a great strategy to use in these descriptions.
  4. Customize Each Page’s URL – Each page you create on your website will have an automatically created URL. You will want to make sure the URL you are selecting matches the content on the page. This helps search engines, which rely on the URL address see if your site matches their search keywords.
  5. Image Alt Text – Each image that you add to your site should have Alt Text associated with it on the back-end. Alt-text consist of relevant keywords telling search engines what exactly the picture you are posting is about. When someone looks for images in a specific area, the alt-text is what Google crawls to see if it matches the keywords they are entering.

We know just creating a website is a huge project on its own. Add optimizing the website to make sure it is SEO friendly is just another step that is needed to be taken to make sure your website will be found and shine!

Hoping these beginner tips help you make it easier to make your new website “SEO friendly”. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions! If you found this helpful please be sure to share to help others.

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